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29 May 2006

Today Papa Beatus Pius IX made public...

...that we are gravely disappointed in the selection of translations of Scripture in the English language. As such, we plan on commissioning our own English translation of the Scriptural texts. Currently we find only 3 English translations worthy of reading and study: the Douay-Rheims, the Confraternity New Testament, and the Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition. Each translation has its strengths and weaknesses.

Although the newly-translated text will be primarily a revision of the Rheims New Testament, it will be diligently compared to the Greek texts and the English translations mentioned above. Completion of the "Pius New Testament" is expected by Pentecost 2009.

We have not decided on the Old Testament yet...seems so much more work.

Given on the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord, May 25 2006


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