Those popes who bear the name, "Pius," are the greatest guardians of the Church against heresy. This blog is a watchdog for modernism in the Church. In reality, outside this blog, the members of the board temper their criticisms and opinions with prudence and charity so as to help souls in their journey towards Christ. But sometimes, for the sake of their own sanity, the authors of this blog just need to blow off some steam. The result is Totus Pius.

21 June 2006

My Namesake

We take great pleasure in formally (and finally) joining our illustrious predecessors in the Chair of St. Peter (excepting one, of course) in the development and support of this tremendous communicative instrument for the propagation of the one true Faith.


Papa Sanctus Pius X said...

Habemus Papam! We are thrilled to see our successor Ven. Pius XII to post!

Papa Sanctus Pius V said...

Its about time! Glad to see you finally made it - we were beginning to worry that the Nazis kidnapped you or something.

R. M. A. J. Romero said...

...seriously, it took you long enough. I was beginning to wonder if the blog, like revisionist history, had forgotten you.

Nick Milne said...

Pictures of you always remind me of Lord Vetinari from the Discworld books. I couldn't say why.

I look forward to your contributions.