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03 June 2006

Pelagian, Semipelagian, or Orthodox?

This prayer is from Tom Moore's Dreams Alive (pg 24) by way of St Mary's Press' Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth (pg 52)

Prayer for Accepting Our Humanity

I am a person like no one else in the world.
I am the people I have met.
I am the experiences I have had.

I am the mistakes I have made and the wisdom I have gained from them.
I am the lessons I have learned and the ones I have given.
I am the good times in my life and the bad ones too.
I am the emotions I have feld And the thought I have thought.

God, I am the life I have lived.
Although it's not a perfect one, understand that I'm doing the best I can
with what you have given me.
Because all that I have to work me.


Nick Milne said...

Speaking as a man with no official training whatsoever, and a knowledge of Pelagius derived almost entirely from a drinking song in Belloc's The Four Men and the movie King Arthur, I'm going to place my marker on "Semipelagian."

At the very least, the speaker does not seem to acknowledge Grace, though that could be the "what you have given me" part. In any event, it unnecessarily vague, and not nearly medieval enough.

Don Juan of Austria said...

Um, if you're sinning, then you're not "doing the best you can."

Also, let's not forget the immortal words of a real wise-acre:

"You're special; just like everybody else!"

Don Juan of Austria said...

Hey, you guys don't have a Pius XI?! What gives?!

Papa Sanctus Pius X said...

"All I have to work with is me..." We think that qualifies as fully Pelagian. We know that sometimes people think that getting too nitpicky about prayers like this is pointless, but this type of prayer can very well mislead people and cause them to form unacceptable philosophies and codes of conduct. We think that it would not be too difficult to add a line after the one quoted above asserting that because of God's love for us and His gifts of grace He can elevate us to be more than what we are.

Papa Beatus Pius IX said...

It's either Pelagian or...some other philosophy...I think Lutheran whereby we are all helpless to live virtue.

An interesting point is that the author here seems to be charging God with the responsibility for our wounded nature, as much wrong with it.

Who wants to write the bishop to get the imprimatur removed?

Papa Sanctus Pius X said...

There's an imprimatur on this trash? We declare this a disgrace and an affront to God Almighty.

Ma Beck said...

*Vomit rising in throat*

'...all I have to work with is me.'

Don't blame the vehicle, buddy. God created you the same way He created Mother Teresa and St. Francis.
You can slide on the scale towards them, or away from them. That's your decision. By the way, false humility is the sin of Pride.


Papa Beatus Pius IX said...

A good point, that.

I cant believe what gets through censors' offices these days...


Mary said...

If you read the code of canon law, which I like to do late at night....yeah I will see that it does not take much to obtain an imprimitur....just the blessings of a local bishop, which you can shop around for...and not lying about insight on faith and morals gained through revealed truth....which as we all know can be a more subjective subject for some Bishops than others.

Anonymous said...

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