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19 June 2006

Website of the Week II

This week we are featuring Una Voce's International and American websites.

The International Una Voce Federation was founded in Rome in 1964 in order to ensure the preservation of the traditions of the Catholic Church. The organization has proved invaluable as a support system and network for Tridentine Parishes across the globe.

So go learn more about them if you are not familiar with them or their work. They are also a good source for trad news and links to other trad sites and people. They also have couple pages of good resources themselves.


Raindear said...

Your holinesses, this is very helpful. Perhaps you could assemble a "Compendium of Catholic Blogs" and have Angelus Press publish it.

Raindear said...
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Papa Sanctus Pius V said...

hmm we could assemble a Compendium of Catholic Blogs - but we do not have the time and they are really too hard to catagorize and keep an eye on for othodoxy and the like.

However you might find blog rings such as St. Blog's Parish, The League of Evil Traditionalists, or The B-Team useful. We will feature all of these soon.

As a side note, why would we publish a list of web links on paper when we could just create the master Catholic blog that links to all of the good sites?

Raindear said...

Of course, my comment was not entirely serious.

However, if one intended to spend every waking hour purusing traditional Catholic blogs, such a resource would be nice - sidebar links don't usually have summaries and in a few months, this post will be obsolete.

Papa Sanctus Pius V said...

We hope that this post will not become obsolete within a few months. When we began this blog feature we included in our plan the future creation of a master "website of the week" post once we hit about week 10 or thereabouts which will link all of our posts together - thus creating something of a compendium in time.

The master post would of course then become a link on the sidebar.

The same goes for Pius X's MythAnathamatizers, should he regularly post them.

Stay tuned.

Raindear said...

Excellent notion. (:

I certainly shall.