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26 June 2006

Website of the Week III

This week we are proud to feature our alma mater, America's Catholic University , The University of Notre Dame the Website of the Week.

Besides holding the honor of the online home of one of the strongest refuges and bastions of Catholicism in today's suffering society, this website, like the others featured thus far, provides excellent reference resources for our readers.

We highly recommend browsing the pull-down "Popular Sites" menu in the bottom left corner of the homepage. There you will find links to the Observer, the most popular (though certainly not the only!) campus newspaper, maps of campus (should you be so inclined to visit the stunning campus filled with Catholic history), a sites and sounds page to give those unable to visit an idea of beauty of campus, and perhaps best of all, a Latin dictionary!

The Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid allows you to type in a Latin stem and ending to find the definition and gender of the word. You can also look up the Latin translation of English words as well.

In the center of the Notre Dame homepage there is a listing of other links we highly recommend browsing through.

We could spend hours detailing all the tremendous things one can find on this site, but as we do not have those hours we recommend you set aside some time and go explore it yourself.

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