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10 June 2006

Zibby Makes the Gipper (and Mary) Proud

We here at Totus Pius love sports, and particularly anything related to Notre Dame.

So, it should come as no surprise that we are pleased to hear that Fighting Irish football star Tom Zbikowski was absolutely dominant in his pro boxing debut at Madison Square Garden tonight, obliterating the arrogant opposition (who came in wearing an Ohio State jersey) via technical knockout in just 49 seconds.

The senior safety will anchor the Irish defense in their 2006 title run.

Word has it Zbikowski entered ringside with gold gloves and a Rosary. Another sign that the Mother of God favors Notre Dame over heathen institutions.

1 comment:

Papa Beatus Pius IX said...

We approve of Zibby as he pwns on the field, in the ring, AND we share the same awesome number.

So he makes Pius IX proud, too.