Those popes who bear the name, "Pius," are the greatest guardians of the Church against heresy. This blog is a watchdog for modernism in the Church. In reality, outside this blog, the members of the board temper their criticisms and opinions with prudence and charity so as to help souls in their journey towards Christ. But sometimes, for the sake of their own sanity, the authors of this blog just need to blow off some steam. The result is Totus Pius.

29 July 2006

Pius Summer

Every summer the Pope traditionally takes time to visit Castel Gandolfo. Following this tradition, the Pii need to take a little down time to prepare for the upcoming semester and enjoy the fleeting summer days. Therefore, be aware that posts may become less frequent than usual; however, the Popes Pius promise to send pictures for the faithful.


JPSonnen said...

buone vacanze!

Raindear said...

A restful break to you!

When can we hope to see the results of the Photo Contest and to read your insightful, scholarly commentary on church architecture?

Joseph, M.T.S. said...

It's not like posting on a blog is very taxing or anything ;).