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05 July 2006

Website of the Week Archive Page

We have decided that it is time to begin a page archiving our "Websites of the Week." It will be linked on the sidebar for easy reference and will be updated every week.

The first column links to our original weekly posts, the second links directly to the featured page.

Week I - Thesaurus Precum Latinarum
Week II - Una Voce -
Week III - The University of Notre Dame -
Week IV - Universalis -
Week V - -
Week VI - Fish Eaters -
Week VII - CatholicApologetics -
Week VIII - New Advent -
Week IX - (church sign generator) -
Week X - American Chestertonian Society -


Nick Milne said...

I'm just commenting on this so that every time someone clicks on that link they'll see my name. That's the sort of publicity that only comes alone once in a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Why do you use what is (I think) perceived to be horoscope language by the average U.S. english reader for (I think) the b'day month (?) of the Pius bloggers on this great educational and Pius-Catholic blog page? Consider