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10 July 2006

Website of the Week V

Last week we featured Universalis, a site which supplies the Liturgy of the Hours. For those of you interested in what was prayed before the Second Vatican Council, this week we recommend Breviary.Net .

NOTE: We recommend the site solely for the text of the Divine Office and nothing more as this site is run by a sede vacantist group that rejects the legitimacy of Vatican II and all that has followed it, including the authority of the popes, including Benedict XVI. They are most adamant in regards to their position stating at one point, in reference to "Most Holy Trinity Seminary" which they support: "We stress that this is not the SSPX, with its modernist leanings and strange affiliations with the heretical Novus Ordo Church." - That's harsh.

Therefore, while we approve of the actual texts of the breviary we most strongly advise our readers to use caution and discretion when visiting this site.


Emily said...

Funny how the page refers to "Trinitytide." The only other sites using that terminology that I've seen are Anglican. Even among Trads, one generally sees "Sundays after Pentecost" for this part of the year.

Tom McKenna said...

Amen on the other aspects of the group sponsoring the website. Fr. Sanborn was a secret opponent of ABp. Lefebvre even while serving as rector of his American seminary. In that capacity, he expelled me from the seminary in 1979 for being too liberal: among the proof-- carrying a card with a pic of JPII on it and opposing the practice of some American SSPX priests of omitting the Pope's name from the canon of the Mass.

I was not surprised when Lefebvre kicked out Sanborn and his cohorts a couple of years later, beginning their decline into a sedevacantism so extreme they reject 1955 revisions to the Holy Week liturgy enacted by Pope Pius XII!