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31 July 2006

Website of the Week VIII

We hope that you all are already quite familiar with this site. It ranks second to only the Holy See as the busiest Catholic website. Despite this, they have been kind enough to take note of Totus Pius - for this we are quite thankful.

This most excellent site is, of course, New Advent. Despite its fame and heavy traffic, we have found that most people seem to visit for the sake of the Catholic Encyclopedia. If one looks just along the header, there are a number of other indispensable resources often overlooked. The home page features a blog which will keep you sufficiently updated on Catholic news and other going-ons. The Bible is there. Under "Library " is a great collection of Church documents. "Fathers" leads to a treasure trove of the writings of the Church Fathers.

And of course it has, and would be incomplete without The Summa. 'nuf said.

This site is an invaluable Catholic resource online -Use it! We can not stress that enough and thank those who run it for their service to the online Catholic community.

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Anonymous said...

it was helpful in my own conversion from Baptist to Catholic