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01 September 2006

Start September Off Right...With a Rant!

Salvete fratres!

We're glad to be back after an enjoyable rest at Our residenza in Castelgandolfo. We are pleased to inform the faithful of Our continued interest in and love for the Order of Preachers and Order of Doctors: the Friars of St Dominic. Someone did approach Us this summer, however, challenging the claim that the great Dominican Order is much less intellectual than the Jesuits, and thus the Jesuits are much more deserving of the title "Order of Doctors."

Let's stop for a moment and consider the importance of Church doctors. These are usually bishops or their aides, who help the preaching and understanding of the faith. They develop doctrine so that We may more articulately proclaim the Gospel to all nations. Doctors of the early Church aided in the development and in the codifying of doctrine at the ecumenical councils and in papal synods. Point being, these men helped the faithful - and the bishops - develop and better understand Divine Revelation, so that the Church, in Her sacred faculty of preaching the Gospel to all nations, might do so more effectively. Additionally, Ourselves and Our brother bishops are the only authoritative interpreters of Scripture and Tradition, so that Doctors are Our servants in the sense that they must submit to the authority of the Hierarchical Church as they further develop and better explore the Sacred Mysteries of God. They may explore, but they MUST respect the orthodox boundaries We set.

That said, Jesuits tend not to conform to this last point. In a book that We are compelled to read by some grave inconvenience, made graver still by its authorship: a Jesuit. The Church We Believe In by Francis A Sullivan, SJ, is an approach to Ecclesiology. He starts with Lumen Gentium, the fruit of that most imprudent - however divinely inspired - of Councils. He is discussing the claim in LG 8 that talks about the one Church of Christ. With regard to a CDF interpretation which says that ecclesial communities only contain ecclesial elements and that there exists only one subsistence, which is in the Catholic Church alone. The Jesuit's response to this FULLY AUTHORITATIVE INTERPRETATION OF THE COUNCIL follows: "While this is an authoritative interpretation, it is certainly not so authoritative as the documents of the council themselves, and is open to verification as to whether it really corresponds to the mind of the council."



We dont understand how such an intelligent person could misunderstand the concept that only the Roman Pontiff and those who speak in virtue of His authority are authoritative on these matters. What's more, he has NO RIGHT TO "VERIFY" OUR JUDGMENT...EVER.

On another note, another Jesuit granted the Imprimi Potest to a book written by a third Jesuit called Good Goats. This book claims to be orthodox on the first page, simply because it has this approval. However, the book claims that

Do these people read the Bible? For Christ's sake, or more accurately, for the sake of their own souls!

These particular Jesuits, and all like them, need to learn their place. Thus, these in particular are unworthy of being called doctors at all, let alone collectively as the order of doctors. Seriously...


Danny Garland Jr. said...

Nobody is better than Dominicans!

Ron said...

St. Ignatius of Loyola is probably rolling over in his crypt at what his Society has become. To be fair, there are great men of God like Mitch Pacwa who are as orthodox and as learned as they come. Every order has its pretenders but the Jesuits seem to encourage and foster this climate of dissent. Being educated by Jesuits, I'm disappointed, to say the least.