Those popes who bear the name, "Pius," are the greatest guardians of the Church against heresy. This blog is a watchdog for modernism in the Church. In reality, outside this blog, the members of the board temper their criticisms and opinions with prudence and charity so as to help souls in their journey towards Christ. But sometimes, for the sake of their own sanity, the authors of this blog just need to blow off some steam. The result is Totus Pius.

31 December 2006

2006: The Good, the Bad, and the Pius

Or a Short History of Totus Pius

March: Some friends from the University of Notre Dame decide they need a place to blow of steam before they blow off someone's head.

April: Totus Pius becomes a reality with starting members Pii IX, X, and XIII.

May: Totus Pius takes off. Some graduate and Pii disperse for summer break. Pius V is drafted at the end of the month.

June: A busy month. Pii XI and XII join. Myth Anathematizers and Websites of the Week begin. Cafe Press shop opens.

July: The Pii evaluate NYC. Totus Pius catches the eye of the National Catholic Register and is mentioned in an article by Eric Scheske. Angry, spiteful, mean, blasphemous, and sexually explicit comments left by anonymous posters cause the Pii to crack down on comment regulation and frustrate them to the point where they no longer wished to look at their blog. A mote of encouragement: New Advent honors Totus Pius by linking them.

August: The Papal Secretary comes on the scene, the Pii retreat from angry commentators and take to eating Doritos and visiting the Tropics. Some of the Pii return to Notre Dame.

September: The Pii watch football and get bogged down in school work.

October: No word from the Pii. The Papal Secretary informs the world they are buried under a pile of books.

November: Feeble attempts at posting prove futile.

December: Pii are worn out from school and unmotivated to post anything.

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