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31 May 2007


Quick! Somepontiff post before the month is over! We need at least one post for this month!



We know #7 is sitting on some drafts which he needs to post. We also know that #12 is up to no good (as usual)and really wants to rant about the fabled "MP." But he hasn't. We know that the Papal Secretary has some action packed images of the lastest ministery we have started thanks to a conversation with #1. The rest of the Holy Fathers are here there and everywhere. We are busy hunting heretics.

Actually, come to think of it, we do have a rant to rant. We ranted to Pius I about it on Sunday, but we could rant to the blogsphere.


Papa Venerabilis Pius XII said...

We must have bagged fifty at last count! How have the rest of Our papal brothers fared? In Our prudence, We do think, however, that it is high time to again take up the less adventurous but quite necessary task of instructing the faithful.

Papa Venerabilis Pius XII said...

We also find it extremely ironic that Our illustrious predecessor refers to the 'fabled' MP, as if the hope for this most-desired document is nothing more than a pious presupposition. On the other hand, we all know that "Quo primum" is all the legislation that will ever be needed, don't we? +[[[;-)