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21 June 2007


Poor did it get to be the city to be picked on?

First we had the Spirit of Vatican 2 Community, now their antithesis The Society of St. Leo I.

It's nice their pastor approves of Our new ministry, but we find it odd they approve of us while we persist in allowing "heretics" like Ma Beck and the Roving Medievalist to comment on Our blog.


Ma Beck said...

You're just trying to lure us in so you can proclaim the truthiness of radical traditionalism to us.

radtradchad said...

Your Holinesses,

I said I approved of your mission. I never said I approve of you personally. For all I know you all could be antipopes like Hilarius!

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI

Xavier Martel said...

Knoxville certainly doesn't deserve SOV2, although SSLI isn't too far off from a frightening "Priory" in Benton, Tennessee. Radtradchad is doing an excellent job aping them.

Ma Beck said...

[Looks at the priory's website.]

Holy smokes.
RadTradChad has some catching up to do.

Ma Beck said...

Incidentally, even though their website is sort of nutballs, the Knights of Malta are harmless, and faithful Catholics.

(My own pastor, a great man and a great priest, belongs.)