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26 June 2007

Motu Proprio with which Pope Benedict XVI reinstates the traditional norms...

...for the majority required to elect the Supreme Pontiff! Straight from the Vatican website. Tiara tip to reader Hugh on Rorate Caeli for pointing out this doozy. +[[[:-)

As New Catholic reports, in this motu proprio, the Holy Father has changed article 75 of Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis so that the valid election of the Supreme Pontiff will again require a qualified majority (two-thirds of the Cardinal electors) in every circumstance. In the original document, after a series of unsuccessful ballots, a pope could be elected with only an absolute majority of votes. Interesting.

Along with Hugh, We hope that the above is an example of Pope Benedict's sharp wit and that the other MP will be promulgated very soon. If you are searching for another date to eagerly anticipate, Fr. Z might be able to help.


Anita Moore said...

I hope this motu proprio makes it harder for certain cardinals ever to make it to the Throne of Peter.

By the way, check out this tribute to Pope Pius XII that I found this afternoon.

Obnoxiously Pious said...

Well at least we now know that other MP is on its way, but gosh, they do like to keep us waiting!