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21 June 2007

The Pervasiveness of Wikiality

Considering the confusion We have encountered regarding Our own cause for canonization (as We described here) and its connection to Wikipedia, We thought it fitting to have Stephen Colbert, arguably the greatest and truthiest prophetic voice in the media today, remind us all of the dangers associated with this vehicle of information. Or, is it misinformation?

On the other hand, We wish that the subjectivism of modern philosophy (as advanced by men such as Rene Descartes and George Berkeley) and the relativism of modern modes of thought would seem just as ridiculous and laughable to both the common man and the academy as Monsieur Colbert's proposal to refashion reality.

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CPKS said...

I respectfully suggest that George ("Bishop") Berkeley was no subjectivist. In his defence, I point out that for Berkeley, objectivity was grounded in the act of being perceived by God. This seems to me to put objectivity where it belongs!