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17 June 2007

To name a ministry

We're still looking for a name for our ministry.

Fr Tim of the SOV2 community has suggested "Evil Spanish-Inquisition-Loving-Let's-Go-Back-To-The-Dark-Ages-RadTrad-NeoCath-Traddie-Cathlofascist Brigades."

We think it's a very welcoming all-encompassing name. It lists nearly every important group within the Church by name! It sounds almost pastorally sensitive if you leave "evil"out of it. Too bad it's so long and even "SILLGBTTDARTNCTCB" is an unfortunately lengthy acronym.

It's also too bad Fr. Tim didn't seem too enthusiastic about volunteering the SOV2 worship space to be our next test site. Sr. Fairah seemed slightly more amenable to the idea though.

We need something catchy, folks. Help us out.


Andrew said...

Your Holiness

Why not call it "Quo Dynamitus Tempore"

Papa Pius VII said...

How about the Ministry for the Rehabilitation of Iconoclasts: We Direct Their Enthusiasm for the Good!

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...


"The Order of Deus Vult."

[e.g. Father Barney Aloysius O'Rubble, O.D.V.]

I have the perfect place for the next test.

It's the Chapel of St. Ignatius at Seattle Univeristy. Click right here, read a few lines for background, and you'll find a link to a nice little tour.

Rob said...

How about the "Pius Reclamation Project"