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02 June 2007

Venerabilis vere?

We must, in fact, admit that We have been up to no good because, by Our count, 136 days (constituting four and one half months) have elapsed since Our last post. Obviously, We consider this a deplorable state of affairs, and We sincerely apologize to our dear readers for such a prolonged absence.

Recently, however, We have received most welcome news! On May 8, the Congregatio de causis sanctorum (Congregation for the Causes of the Saints) "voted unanimously to recommend that Benedict XVI formerly declare Pope Pius XII 'Venerable'" (read the full Zenit article).

Now, wait just a second! We were under the impression that We had already been declared venerable! Hence, Our Blogger name 'Papa Venerabilis Pius XII.' So what gives?

After attempting to remember the early history of this tremendous blog, We found one source which might have led us astray. Let this be a warning to all faithful Catholics against corruption of information and the fickle referencing of Wikipedia! According to this account, "On September 2, 2000, during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, Pius's cause for canonization was elevated to the level of Venerable." As far as We can find, there are scant references to this elsewhere on the web, and none can be shown to proceed from a source other than Wikipedia. In light of the recent developments, We are led to believe that We are not yet officially 'venerable' after all. +[[[:-( Hopefully, Pope Benedict will rectify this precarious position shortly.

By Our reasoning, however, the reference in Wikipedia may not be completely wrong. A distinction could possibly be made between Our cause and Our person. Could September 2, 2000 have marked the beginning of the inquiry into Our heroic virtues that has now been concluded? Although We do not know if such a distinction actually exists, We would have done well to have previously considered the possibility. If any of our readers could shed further light on this matter, We would appreciate whatever information you have to offer.

We also believe that We are duty-bound to protest the libelous accusations, particularly those concerning Our attitude toward the Jewish people during the Second World War, which have been so venomously hurled against Us in recent years and which have become so closely related to Our cause. For the present, We will be content with suggesting that historians, authors, and journalists actually examine the historical record and refrain from engaging in shallow, anti-Catholic scandalmongering. Rest assured, this will not be Our last word on the issue.

In closing, We hope that We have succeeded in Our current endeavor of whetting the appetites of our readers for more venerabilia verba in the coming days. These will include Our thoughts on the status of the current Supreme Pontiff's imminent motu proprio.


Anonymous said...

¡You are too late! By your lack of attention you are not honoring Pius.

Papa Sanctus Pius V said...

All those who post anonymously shall be condemned.

Congratulations to Our successor for the new developments of being recommended and returning to blogging! We look forward to his recognition as Venerable and the many posts we hope to read soon!