Those popes who bear the name, "Pius," are the greatest guardians of the Church against heresy. This blog is a watchdog for modernism in the Church. In reality, outside this blog, the members of the board temper their criticisms and opinions with prudence and charity so as to help souls in their journey towards Christ. But sometimes, for the sake of their own sanity, the authors of this blog just need to blow off some steam. The result is Totus Pius.

11 July 2007


We are pleased to report that parents may safely allow their children to read Our blog. After having a computer view it thoroughly, it is determined that Our blog is completely 100% child-friendly!

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We therefore declare anyone who posits an opposite view to be excommunicated! And anathema! At the same time!

As an aside, We are also exceedingly glad that the Motu Proprio did not stipulate that one needs a "mentally stable group" in order to get the Extraordinary Use of the Roman Rite.


Emily said...

Hmm... ours came up PG-13, but that was because it mistook some Latin for sexual innuendo.

Papa Pius VII said...

"Love always goes out the door when money comes innuendo!"

-Groucho Marx

Sanctus Belle said...

Well my little site came up NC-17 because I posted some meditations on the sufferings of purgatory and hell. I'm devastated...:)

the Mom said...

Mine is R rated because I say dead 6 times, death 3 times, and crap once.