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22 October 2007

Church & State

While brothers IX and XI may be sorry for their absence, we most certainly are not. We rather enjoyed our hiatus; but now we've been dragged out of retirement again.

As we were sifting through our papal files this morning, we found this outrageous report from Catholic World News:

Erase baptismal record, Spanish court tells Valencia archdiocese

Valencia, Oct. 22, 2007 ( - A Spanish court has ordered Catholic officials in Valencia to remove a man’s name from Church baptismal records.

Manuel Blat Gonzalez, a homosexual man who objected to the Church’s campaign against same-sex marriage, had demanded that the Church erase the record of his baptism 40 years ago. The Valencia archdiocese refused, explaining that baptism cannot be reversed and the record is a historical document.

The Data Protection Agency, a government body charged with preserving individual privacy, took up the Blat case and won a court ruling that required the Church to discard sacramental records of those who made the request. The Valencia archdiocese appealed, but the appeal has now been rejected.

This is outrageous on a number of levels.

First we have the ridiculous Spaniard who wants his baptismal records destroyed. Now, tell us, what good will this really do for this silly man? It will not alter the fact that 40 years ago a priest baptized him. Not only can the sacrament not be reversed, but the historical act cannot be reversed either. No matter how you interpret the documents he wants destroyed, nothing will change.

Secondly, we have the worse case of the ridiculous Spanish government. This "Data Protection Agency" raises the very important question of the relationship of church and state and their authority or power that each holds. This seems to be terrible transgression of bounds. A government that is able to force the Church to destroy her records is a government that will soon try to make the Church its slave. Of course, this was already tried there less than a century ago.

Another dagger trust into the heart of Christendom.


The Bass player said...

as someone commented on another blog, this seems to be a law the church should ignore...the persecutions have begun.

Papa Pius VIII said...

We love how, by appealing to a "government body charged with preserving individual privacy," this guy has ensured that the name of Manuel Blat Gonzalez will be plastered all over the headlines during the next few weeks. Privacy, Our foot. We smell an especially rancid red herring.

Papa Sanctus Pius V said...

~it's true!~

Unknown said...

I think that the Church should obey the law of the land, erase the record of the person concerned and make a record of the fact (sperate register) that it had removed from the register the baptismal record of x who was baptized according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church on such and such a day, etc. It will serve to obey the law of the land and maintain a record of the fact. The person concerned need never know as the record of deletion can be kept in the secret archives of the diocese.