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25 October 2007

Fellay, Williamson: Fundamentally Proud

From Rorate Caeli:

"Nothing could be falser" - Fellay explains it - "Williamson and I are on the same line, that which believes that we could hardly re-enter a Church as is. And the reasons are quite simple. Benedict XVI has indeed liberalized the ancient rite, but I cannot explain for what reason he made such a decision if he then allows the majority of Bishops to criticize and disobey him regarding what he determined. What should we do? Re-enter the Church and then be insulted by all those people?"

Yes. Re-enter. Reconcile yourself with the ONE and ONLY true Church. Stop thinking you're making all of us dead popes proud. And suffer. Suffer humiliation and insults. Suffer like Christ did, the Christ you purport to know so well, so much better than everyone loyal to Rome.

It is becoming all the more clear, folks, that even the most moderate of the SSPX are driven by a righteous pride, a pride which is only born of the prince of darkness. They are deceived more than they could possibly imagine, blinded by a faith in their own authority and in their own righteousness - a faith which will ultimately lead them to more pain, more discord, and more damnation. We'd prefer an ignorant pastor with lukewarm faith and a lukewarm congregation any day to the rift in the Church caused by these most proud, most disloyal, and most dangerous crowd.


And after this statement, it's a good thing for Fellay that we no longer hold the chair of Peter.

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