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21 October 2007

Fidelity to Tradition

Dearest readers! We apologize for Our most inexcusable delay in writing for you. However, the time has finally come for Us to remove Ourselves from Our vacation home and actually get to work. Today, We wish to discuss some reflections which were prompted by a very beautiful offering of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Missal, which We were able to attend today. The priest who offered the Mass today has not been offering this form of the Mass publicly, until today and he introduced it very well. The ordinary of the Mass was sung by a 22-person choir in polyphony and the propers of the Mass were sung by a wonderful schola of about 10 men. Previously the Mass at this parish was of the Ordinary Form, but today, this holy priest wished to offer the Mass of which Our Predecessors have written so well on this blog. The amazing thing about this Mass was the obvious fact that this priest realized that Tradition does not end in 1962, it is still living. He spoke of the participation that we can have in Tradition as a sort of personal unconscious river which can flow through us in some way and unite us with many who came before us. However, a necessary corollary of this is that this river is still flowing onward. There can still be legitimate development of Tradition. By starting his sermon with the quotation "By the waters of Babylon we sat and wept," the good priest made it quite clear that he is not convinced that we have done such a good job of interpreting the documents of Vatican II in light of Tradition, but his desire to include the older form of the Mass in a parish which formerly has been exclusively offering the Ordinary Form shows that he wishes to carry out the will of the Holy Father very clearly. He wants to be open to the developments that are being called for in Liturgy. He wants to let that which was holy for those in the past be holy for those in the future as well. This priest also recognized the great value of the High Mass. He announced today that all of the Sunday Masses will be High Masses or Solemn High Masses (after the other priests at the parish are trained for it). He knows what the Holy Father has said about the beauty that can be found in a well offered Mass according to the Usus Antiquor and wishes to show that to his parishioners who may not have accessed such beauty otherwise. We hope that this post may prompt some thoughts about Tradition and the need for realization that it is not ours. It is something we must accept as little children from our Heavenly Father and the Bride of His Son. We must be willing to have a deep love for that which the Church has held as sacred and we must strive always to grow according to Her legitimate developments in Her communion with Her Bridegroom.

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Papa Beatus Pius IX said...

Just a question for our good friend: would you consider the Missal of Paul VI to be a legitimate development which the Church now holds as sacred, therefore obliging us to grow to love it?